May 24, 2022, 6:00 pm, EDT

Minimizing Burnout in Death Care Professionals

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Caretaking professions are facing unprecedented levels of burnout as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—and burnout can impede our ability to offer kindness and compassion to others. Those working in the funeral industry are facing unprecedented challenges yet carry an enormous responsibility: for many, funeral directors are their first entry into grief and loss and the experience with making arrangements can set the tone for a person’s grief journey. In this webinar, experts will identify warning signs of compassion fatigue, and offer strategies for balancing empathy with self-care.


Joél Simone Anthony aka The Grave Woman


  • Charles Figley, Ph.D., Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health and Associate Dean for Research, School of Social Work Professor, and Director of the award-winning Traumatology Institute at Tulane University
  • Hui-wen Sato, MSN, MPH, RN, CCRN, Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse
  • Julie Kaplow, Ph.D., ABPP, Executive Vice President of Trauma and Grief Programs and Policy, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute; Executive Director, Trauma and Grief Center at the Hackett Center for Mental Health

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