Grief and Special Days: Maintaining, Adapting, and Releasing Traditions

At its core, grief is about change. A single event can trigger a multitude of changes and navigating these changes can take a toll. In this virtual event, we’ll screen the Speaking Grief documentary at 6:00pm ET then follow it up with a discussion at 7:00pm ET in which experts will share ideas on how to handle cherished traditions when your person isn’t there to share them.


Lindsey Whissel Fenton, Senior Producer and Director at WPSU


  • Alesia K. Alexander, LCSW, CT, Grief, Loss and Inclusion Consultant
  • Teresa Méndez-Quigley, MSW Associate Director Uplift Center for Grieving Children
  • Meghan Riordan Jarvis, MA, LCSW, Clinical Psychotherapist, Writer, Consultant, and Host of the Grief is My Side Hustle Podcast

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