Jay Carrier

In a single year, Jay lost his mother, stepfather, and his brother. He’s been an artist as long as he can remember and has manage to find a kind of peace through his creative endeavors. He ended up creating a series of paintings that express certain parts of his grief journey.

My mom.

My step-dad.

My younger brother.

October of 2016, my mother had passed away. 12 days later, my stepdad passed away also. Not too long after that, my brother had passed away also. Within a year, I lost all three of them.

I've been an artist all my life. I've documented just about every phase of my life that I was going through. When all this happened, I was kind of immobilized, I kind of couldn't do anything.

It was about six or seven weeks after my stepdad had passed away, I started doing art again. I needed to.

I got myself into a frenzy for days of just drawing and then it transferred into paintings and larger pieces. They were basically conversations with my mother and brother, and step-dad. I was trying to heal myself. Probably saved my life.

Eventually, I realized after a couple of years that I had to stop the series. I had to stop dwelling on the death of my three family members, and I had to move on.

The paintings documented a piece of my life, that was probably one of the most emotional, heart wrenching places I've ever been. It makes me feel better about the situation of loss.

I can be surrounded by these paintings and know that I honored my mother and brother and my step-dad.

A closeup of a palette board covered with a rainbow of oil paint
An old framed photo of Jay Carrier's mother
Jay Carrier sits in a chair in his art studio surrounded by large format paintings

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